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Having a Wayne DUI lawyer can mean the difference between freedom and endless penalties. Scott W. Sheen & Associates will do everything within our power to protect your future and rights. We know how important it is to have a strong advocate on your side, and we will work with you to ensure your voice is heard.

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Driving after using alcohol, marijuana, or certain prescription drugs can lead to serious legal charges in Illinois. A DUI can destroy life as you know it. Our attorneys have decades of experience that ensure you receive the best possible result.

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Scott W. Sheen & Associates has defended clients accused of driving under the influence since 1993. our attorney will work to have your charges dismissed entirely or to arrive at the best possible agreement. Our team is known for going the extra mile for our clients. Rest assured, you do not need to face DUI challenges alone.

Our Wayne DUI lawyers have successfully challenged illegal stops, illegal detentions, searches and arrests, failure to inform clients of their rights, and the accuracy of breath or blood tests and field sobriety tests. We explore every aspect of your case to ensure that law enforcement respects your rights.

DUI Felony Enhancement

The State’s Attorney’s office can enhance even your first DUI to a felony charge if you were caught driving under the influence with:

  • Driving without a valid license or suspended license
  • Driving without vehicle insurance
  • Driving during a statutory summary suspension
  • Causing great bodily harm in an accident

DUI Death and Reckless Homicide

If violation of DUI proximately causes death to another:

  • Class 2 Felony
  • Minimum is probation
  • 3-14 years in prison for one death
  • 6-28 years in prison for two or more deaths
  • The judge must find extraordinary circumstances to award probation

Don’t risk having everything taken away. You deserve an attorney with an impeccable reputation for successfully representing DUI clients. Scott W. Sheen & Associates is ready to take immediate action as soon as you seek our help.

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