Orders of Protection

Domestic violence is one of the most delicate and tragic family matters we take on within our family law practice. Helping victims obtain the protection they need is our utmost priority. Our attorneys provide a compassionate, helping hand with orders of protection for domestic violence matters.

If you are a victim of domestic violence or faced domestic abuse, filing an order for protection should be your first step. Obtaining an enforceable order of protection is another way that you can achieve safety and a sense of security.

Orders of protection generally bar contact with alleged victims. This order places severe restrictions on your alleged abuser’s movements and can even result in them being forced out of the residence and losing parental responsibilities. Scott W. Sheen & Associates helps people obtain orders of protection with immediate action.

Domestic Violence Scene

If you are facing a dangerous situation and seeking an order of protection, representation by an experienced attorney is crucial.

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In Illinois, Orders of Protection are available to “support the efforts of victims of domestic violence to avoid further abuse by promptly entering and diligently enforcing court orders which prohibit abuse and, when necessary, reduce the abuser’s access to the victim.”

An abused party may ask the court for an Order of Protection for themselves or on behalf of someone unable to ask. If the court finds a danger of abuse, it may limit the contact between the parties or exclude one party from the home.

If one of the parties does not adhere to the terms of the order of protection they can be held in contempt of court or arrested for violating an order of protection.

Types of Protection Orders

Emergency Order of Protection

An immediate hearing to determine potential harm and safety of the victim.

A family lawyer is invaluable in ensuring your right, and best interests are protected. Your family can depend on Scott W. Sheen & Associates for a strong and caring advocate. Our experienced attorneys will provide the legal guidance you need to resolve your family issue effectively.

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