DNA Paternity Tests

Establishing Paternity

When a child’s parents are not married at the beginning of the pregnancy or birth, the father’s name is not automatically placed on the birth certificate. This means he is without the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent. He will not have legal rights or established parentage to the child until further action is taken by both the mother and father to establish paternity through DNA testing or agreement of the parties.

Paternity is the legal relationship between a father and his child. The father, mother, or a third-party on behalf of the child must seek a declaration of paternity to legally establish a parent-child relationship with the father. This process gives the father specific parental rights while imposing a legal obligation upon him to provide financial support for the child.

Our experienced attorneys can provide the legal counsel you need, whether you’re a mother who wants to identify your child’s father with a paternity suit or a father who aims to gain allocation of parental rights and rights to parenting time. We also represent those who wish to establish that they are not a father in a given case.

Paternity Test Results Paperwork

If you are a parent involved in a complicated paternity case, you need a skilled family law attorney to provide the qualified legal counsel you deserve.

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If parentage is not established with a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form, the usual method is DNA testing. Paternity tests compare the DNA of the child, mother, and alleged father to determine whether the man is, or is not, the child’s biological father. With today’s technology, paternity tests are accurate and straightforward. A DNA sample is obtained by swabbing the inside of a person’s cheek.

Benefits of Establishing Paternity

The outcome of your paternity case can have profound effects on your life and your child’s life. Establishing legal parentage and parental rights are vital for both parents and children.

  • Provides the child with financial security, including the right to any inheritance, the right to collect certain benefits on the father’s record, and access to the father’s medical and life insurance benefits
  • Providing the mother of the child with the opportunity to seek support, including child support payments, from the father
  • Providing the father with the right to seek equal allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time with the child, as well as all other parental rights
  • Providing the child with the opportunity to develop a relationship with the father

A family lawyer is invaluable in ensuring your right, and best interests are protected. Your family can depend on Scott W. Sheen & Associates for a strong and caring advocate. Our experienced attorneys will provide the legal guidance you need to resolve your family issue effectively.

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