Child Support

In a divorce, parents must consider how their split will emotionally and financially affect their children. They must take responsibility for their children’s financial needs, even after their marriage or relationship has ended. Although parents want the best for their children, child support can be a highly contested subject. Still, it is critical to protect your children’s future.

As family law attorneys, our goal is to help you obtain a fair and reasonable child support agreement that will promote a healthy future for your child. We represent both mothers and fathers who require the creation of an equitable, enforceable support plan that positively contributes to their children’s well-being.

Whether you are trying to initiate child support for the first time or trying to increase or decrease the amount, our experienced attorneys will work to achieve results that are in the best interest of you and your children.

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We know that child support can have a dramatic impact on your child’s welfare. More than anything, we want to ensure you have the resources to raise your children in a safe and healthy environment.

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The obligation to pay child support continues until a child reaches 18 or graduates from high school. Both parents may also have a duty to contribute to a child’s post-high school education, pursuant to statute 750ILCS5-513

Determining Child Support

The financial security of your children is intertwined with your own financial security. Previously, Illinois used a percentage-based formula. Now, Illinois uses a shared net income approach based on the total of both parties’ gross net income, parenting time, and responsibility.

Child support is always modifiable should there be a substantial change in the circumstances. A parent seeking modification of an existing order must show the court that there has been a significant change in circumstances since the last order.

Circumstances that Could Warrant a Modification:

  • A substantial increase in the parent’s income
  • A decrease in a parent’s income or loss of a job that changes their ability to fulfill child support obligations
  • The child has reached the age of maturity and has dropped out of high school
  • The child has moved out of the recipient parent’s home
  • The child joins the military, gets married, or becomes emancipated

A family lawyer is invaluable in ensuring your right, and best interests are protected. Your family can depend on Scott W. Sheen & Associates for a strong and caring advocate. Our experienced attorneys will provide the legal guidance you need to resolve your family issue effectively.

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