Property Crime

Burglary, Robbery, and Theft

Being charged with a property crime can be a stressful and humiliating experience. It’s a broad offense, covering anything from shoplifting to armed robbery.

The penalties associated with a property crime conviction can be quite severe. A conviction can have far-reaching consequences, including hefty fines, jail time, loss of employment, and a damaged reputation.

Even a conviction for a seemingly minor matter like shoplifting could also have a lasting impact on many aspects of your life, preventing you from taking advantage of educational, career, and housing opportunities.

At Scott W. Sheen & Associates, we understand how difficult this experience is. Our criminal law attorneys have substantial experience defending clients against property crimes such as burglary, robbery, and theft charges.

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It is essential to obtain aggressive defense against these charges, as your rights and freedoms are at stake. We manage investigations discreetly, determine the best defense strategy, and get favorable results for our clients.

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Whether the charges are misdemeanors or felonies, we can protect your rights and stand up to the prosecution. We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your case to present a strong defense based on facts and evidence.

We provide aggressive, results-oriented representation to people accused of misdemeanor and felony property crimes, including:



Retail Theft

Auto Theft


Armed Robbery


Residential Burglary


Using physical force or confrontation as a means of gaining control of the property from another person

Undoubtedly, victims face pressure by police and persecutors to correctly identify the person responsible for the crime. This stress, coupled with a victim’s traumatizing experience, may result in a defendant’s misidentification. Misidentifications are all too common in these cases and therefore require an experienced criminal defense attorney.

As a result, robbery is a felony charge. If you are convicted of aggravated or armed robbery, the penalties are even more severe.


The crime of entering businesses, homes, vehicles, or other property with the intent to commit a crime or theft

The crime is traditionally defined as breaking and entering a structure or building. However, the accused does not have to break anything to gain entry. The defendant could access the property could be through alleged force or deception. In some cases, “breaking” refers to the destruction of a window or door, but it is synonymous with entering with a lack of permission.

Burglary charges often involve multiple statutes and charges. Residential Burglary is a felony crime that carries severe penalties upon conviction, including possible prison time.


Obtaining property without the consent of the owner

Theft can refer to several charges, all in which property was obtained through dishonest means. Theft is considered a common criminal charge. The consequences are serious, however, and should not be taken lightly.

Penalties for theft can vary depending on the value of the property that was stolen. The law sees a difference between theft of a product from a store and theft of private citizens’ property. If convicted of theft, you could face fines, jail time, and in some cases, imprisonment.

It’s vital to consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can advise you through this challenging period. Choosing the right attorney can mean the difference between a permanent criminal record and walking out of court, breathing a sigh of relief.

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