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Scott W. Sheen & Associates has helped countless clients through their challenging family matters. We understand that family law issues are painful and create immense pressures for everyone involved. We strive to provide solid legal representation when necessary but also understanding and compassionate advocacy. While divorce compromises a significant part of our family practice, our Geneva family law attorneys assist in a wide array of family matters. We guide clients with strong legal representation during times of difficult transition.

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With so much at stake, it is imperative to work with qualified legal counsel that will protect your rights through the divorce process.


Parenting Plans

Our experienced family law attorneys will help you establish an enforceable plan for raising and co-parenting your children.


Scott W. Sheen & Associates have extensive experience representing both women and men in parentage and paternity action suits.

Child Allocations of Parental Responsibility

We will work towards the allocations of parental responsibilities arrangement that is in the best interest of your children and your rights as a parent.

DNA Tests

Establishing paternity through DNA testing is the critical first step in collecting child support or ascertaining your rights as a father.

Child Support

We strive to ensure children are financially protected with court-ordered child support after a divorce or born out of wedlock.

Single Parents’ Rights

Our attorneys help single fathers gain rights to their children, and single mothers assert their rights under Illinois law.

Orders of Protection

For those in imminent danger or have been abused, an Order of Protection is designed to stop threatening, violent, and harassing behavior and keep the offending party away.

Domestic Violence

Our attorneys take a thoughtful and supportive approach while legally advocating for victims of domestic violence.

The Geneva family law attorneys at Scott W. Sheen & Associates have years of experience handling such matters with individualized attention. Personalized representation is a hallmark of our law firm. We care deeply about our clients and strive to obtain results that provide them with a promising future.

We understand that our clients depend on us during tough times, and we take this responsibility seriously. Our firm is known for a tenacious nature in the courtroom while maintaining compassion with our clients.

You may feel powerless when facing divorce or other family law issues. As your experienced and knowledgeable Geneva family law attorney, we will explain the process and work with you to obtain the results you want. Our approach will help you feel empowered and more in control of your future.

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