The holiday season is full of excitement for children and parents alike. Unfortunately, this time of year can also bring about a lot of stress for divorced families. Adults need to realize that children will forever remember how these holidays are managed.

We must remember this life lesson—it takes much more effort and energy to be cruel than kind. The kindness you show during this time will leave a lasting impression on your kids as they grow into adulthood.

Two Children Putting Up Christmas Tree Lights

Here are some ideas to help lessen the holiday stress and pressure on your kids:

  • Do your best to share parenting time with your ex. Your children will see this effort, and it will go a long way in your relationships with them down the road.
  • Help your kids pick out a gift for your ex. This is a time for giving, and they are excited to share that with both of you.
  • Keep the lines of communication with your children and ex open so plans can be made and enjoyed by all.
  • Keep your holiday traditions alive and encourage the traditions your kids enjoyed with your ex.

The holidays are a time for family and giving. Allow your kids to enjoy this time of year. Your children will remember your efforts when they are older and appreciate them.