• Two Children Putting Up Christmas Tree Lights

Divorce and the Holidays

The holiday season is full of excitement for children and parents alike. Unfortunately, this time […]

  • Driver's Perspective During Evening Drive

Motorcyclists Face Unique Dangers on the Road

Whether it is your primary means of transportation or simply a hobby, motorcyclists face unique dangers on the road that other drivers do not; dangers that could lead to motorcycle accidents.

  • Couple Sitting on Couch

Drafting Better Divorce Agreements with Mediation

Despite their differences, many couples still draft divorce agreements that prioritize equitable distribution, communication, and honesty. Many of these satisfactory agreements come from mediation.

  • Distressed Mother and Young Son

Talking to Your Kids about Divorce

Even if it’s ultimately the right decision for you and your family, breaking the news of your divorce to your kids is a tough thing to do. No one emerges from a separation or divorce unscathed.

  • $100 Bills

What happens in civil asset forfeiture?

Civil asset forfeiture laws dictate how police officers can seize property from private citizens. State laws determine the specifics of asset forfeiture and rarely require guilt.

  • Man Holding Newborn Baby

Will criminal charges prevent child custody?

When you’re embroiled in a child custody battle, it can feel like you’re under a microscope of intense scrutiny. You might be wondering if a past criminal charge or present incarceration is enough to revoke your custody.

  • Woman Interviewing for Job with Male Hiring Manager

Job Searching with a Criminal Record

Ex-convicts walk a difficult road of reintegration, especially when it comes to job searching. An estimated 92% of employers include background checks in their hiring processes.

  • Suburban Two-Story House in Early Evening

What will happen to my assets in a divorce?

One of the most significant issues that you will have to address in a divorce is how to divide assets and property. This matter is often very complex and can quickly become contentious.

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