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The penalties are severe for a DUI and can completely change your life. There is much uncertainty, including the type of penalties you will face, how your loved ones will react, and what will happen to your job. Your freedom and future should not be left to chance. An Algonquin DUI lawyer will be by your side every step of the way.

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Alcohol isn’t the only substance that can result in a DUI charge. Prescription drugs, illicit drugs, and marijuana can lead to a DUI conviction. No matter the substance, an Algonquin DUI lawyer from Scott W. Sheen & Associates can help.

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Every DUI case is different and has its nuances. The consequences you face depend on your legal defense. As your Algonquin DUI lawyer, our priority is creating a defense strategy built around your case’s unique facts. We will personally meet with you and review the evidence against you.

Our Algonquin DUI lawyers have successfully challenged illegal stops, illegal detentions, searches and arrests, failure to inform clients of their rights, and the accuracy of breath or blood tests and field sobriety tests. We explore every aspect of your case to ensure that law enforcement respected your rights.

DUI Felony Enhancement

The State’s Attorney’s office can enhance even your first DUI to a felony charge if you were caught driving under the influence with:

  • Driving without a valid license or suspended license
  • Driving without vehicle insurance
  • Driving during a statutory summary suspension
  • Causing great bodily harm in an accident

DUI Death

If violation of DUI proximately causes death to another:

  • Class 2 Felony
  • Minimum is probation
  • 3-14 years in prison for one death
  • 6-28 years in prison for two or more deaths
  • The judge must find extraordinary circumstances to award probation

When you’re accused of a DUI, you are in danger of getting pushed through the criminal justice system. With so much on the line, you can’t settle for an undistinguished Algonquin DUI lawyer. Your best defense is working with an attorney from Scott W. Sheen & Associates.

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